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Rescue Mediums S06E01: Courtice


The homeowner has felt the terrifying experience of being dragged out of her body by some unknown force. Her reiki room might be the portal. The Rescue Mediums are being watched as they search the home’s exterior for clues and are eventually helped by the spirit of a little boy.

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  1. It saddens me that nothing was said to the suffering of the farmer’s first son dying a truly excruciating death from T1D… http://www.diabetesactivist.com/a-little-history/ “… being a melting down of the flesh and limbs into urine … for the patients never stop making water, but the flow is incessant, as if from the opening of aqueducts. It consists in the flesh and bones running together into the urine. The nature of the disease is chronic, but the patient does not live long once the disease is fully established; for the melting is rapid, the death speedy. Moreover life is disgusting and painful; thirst, unquenchable … and one cannot stop them either from drinking or making water”.