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Tarot Reading: US Election 2016 Prediction


Michael Lamport (Rescue Mediums) reads a simple tarot spread to predict the US Election outcome in 2016.

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  1. Well done! So uncanny, eh? Question… how did you get Hilary from the Hermit? That being said, I DO think Hilary will win! You know what, I almost think that the Hermit suggests that regardless of the outcome, there will be people left unhappy. Normally I do not get such a “loneliness” theme from the Hermit, but for whatever reason, for this reading – I feel that people will feel “alone” no matter who wins. Massive societal introspection. Love this site! I am on here all the time… new fan! 🙂

  2. …and thank the Lord you were wrong. Hillary and the Clinton Cartel are not the winners. Our beloved country could not have taken any more after horrible Obama.

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