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The Vortex: Lucid Irish Ghost Plants

The Vortex: Lucid Irish Ghost Plants

‘I swear that potato man wasn’t there before!’ (source: Flickr craftydogma)

March 17, 2016

“7 Creatures of Irish Folklore”. Drink when you see an Abhartach! But remember to kill him and bury him upside down to stop his magic, because if you don’t, he’ll really kill your buzz. [via Dictionary.com]

In the middle of a rich neighbourhood in L.A. sits The Witch’s House. The truth of the house dampens its mysterious appeal a bit, but, hey, it looks pretty cool inside. [via Blumhouse]

In the future, will the fake paranormal photos of today look as silly as these? [via Buzzfeed]

The Ghost Plant acts and looks like a parasitic zombie. It appears a bit like a mushroom but is more of a moocher. Come to think of it, ghosts are kind of like moochers… or at least I’ve never received a rent cheque from one. Anyway, on top of its unique role and weeping beauty look, the Ghost Plant has been used for medicinal purposes. Not a moocher after all. [via Herbs – Treat and Taste]

An interview with an avid lucid dreamer who essentially lives a second life. [via NyMag]


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