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The Vortex: Lucid Irish Ghost Plants

‘I swear that potato man wasn’t there before!’ (source: Flickr craftydogma) March 17, 2016 “7 Creatures of Irish Folklore”. Drink when you see an Abhartach! But remember to kill him and bury him upside down to stop his magic, because if you don’t, he’ll really kill your buzz. [via Dictionary.com] In the middle of a […]

The Vortex: Dreaming Demon Sensations

Are you ticklish? (source: Inuit Myths) March 9, 2016 The ever-laughing Inuit demon Mahaha could tickle you to death. [via Inuit Myths] Funeral traditions from around the globe include beads made from compressed ashes, corpses with lit cigarettes in their mouths, and remains reconfigured into habitat for sea creatures. [via ideas.ted.com] When you lack sleep […]