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The Vortex: Paranoid Sleepwalking Monks

The Vortex: Paranoid Sleepwalking Monks

“No, you’ve got a butt face.” (source: Blastr)

April 12, 2016

I want to be cremated and possibly grown into a tree in one of those natural burial pods. But I have to respect people who do wacky things with their gravesites. Even if it’s borne from an extreme paranoia of being buried alive… [via Cult of Weird]

Ancient artistic depictions of what look extraterrestrial within our current cultural context are fascinating to consider anthropologically and psychologically. Also they’re pretty cool. [via Blastr]

Sleepwalking (and talking) occurs when certain physiological functioning in the brain is active at the wrong moments, like when we’re supposed to be snuggled and relatively still in our beds but instead get up to do the Charleston. Have you experienced extreme sleepwalking? Doing things like cleaning or even driving a car? [via Scientific American]

Tracking the modern popular culture of ghost hunting from its quiet and niche roots. [via Supernatural Magazine]

Sometimes what seems like fantastic, supernatural powers are really extreme abilities that go beyond what we commonly think people are capable of; the scientific method necessarily moves a bit slower with its explanations and testing compared to the speed of our experience. We all have a range and variety of capabilities. This article takes us to the Himalayas to examine the ‘superhuman’ abilities of Buddhist monks. [via Truth Theory]


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