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Ouija Boards — Fun or Dangerous?

Ouija Boards — Fun or Dangerous?

In the paranormal community, Ouija Boards are polarizing.

These spirit boards originate from Spiritualist use around the 1880s. Elijah Bond, lawyer and businessman, patented the design that was to become the recognizable, mainstream board today (sold by Hasbro). Participants in a séance place their hands on a stretched heart-shaped planchette and attempt to commune with a spirit or spirits in their specific location.

So, what’s the problem? Some find they’re too lighthearted or reject the commercialization of the boards. Others are open to using any tools available to connect to the other side.

In our tutorial on Ouija Boards, medium Jackie Dennison says that those who know how to properly manage the portals or gateways that could potentially open are fine. Others who are just playing around should be wary of the spirits they could be inviting from the lower planes.

The urge to communicate with a loved one, or perhaps seek some answers from spirits around you can be strong and, at times, overwhelming. Or, you may think it’s all just a game. One should always be respectful while using any method of contact, even if it bears the brand of a toy manufacturer.

What do you think about Ouija Boards? Have you used one before? Tell us your experiences in the comments below.

See Jackie’s Tutorial on Ouija Boards here.


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