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Phasmophobia S01E08


Exploring the world of psychics. Participants are briefed on buildings being investigated with some planted false information to see the influence on perception. After a crash course in psychic development, they’re sent to do lone vigils with nothing but a night vision camera for company.

Phasmophobia S01E10


In the finale, Andrea introduces two paranormal investigative groups (ESP and Feminine Spirit), two mediums, two challengers, and an independent investigator to a never-before-investigated location. The guests arrive blindfolded and their ultimate tasks are revealed.

Phasmophobia S01E09


The quest into the unknown continues as Andrea puts two challengers through the psychic test. With some twists and turns and the occasional scream, this episode pushes the limits of paranormal reality and poses the vital question: what is real?

Phasmophobia S01E07


Set in scenic Jenolan Caves in NSW, with ghost stories aplenty, they go underground to investigate potential activity produced by 19th century cave-explorers who perished there. The historic Cave House restaurant is reported to have plenty of phenomena by a matron who was very particular about her housekeeping. The crew’s children have a go at […]

Phasmophobia S01E06


The participants have a technical challenge to work in pairs with surveillance equipment to monitor areas with reported activity. Who has the guts to investigate what they see? Do they know what is real and what isn’t?

Phasmophobia S01E05


In the reportedly most haunted town in Australia, Picton, NSW, they concentrate on the Imperial Hotel. The participants go to the cellar, originally part of a tunnel where they transported bodies of patients who died of tuberculosis.

Phasmophobia S01E04


As the night moves on, activity lures them from one end of the building to the other, causing the team to split up with dire consequences. Things quickly escalate after the alarm goes off in a locked off area of the building, while the boys are hellbent on stirring things up.

Phasmophobia S01E03


The crew is joined by Dr. Tony Jinks on an investigation of an abandoned health care facility with a long history of outstanding phenomena. Set in the middle of the woods, the paranormal enquirers dive into this dark, foreboding building.

Phasmophobia S01E02


Ward 9 yields some interesting results, while Ward 10 proves to be too much for our participants. The doctor’s cottage that once had a bear pit next to it may be a hive of activity.

Phasmophobia S01E01


A new team is formed and they kick off at a disused former mental health facility. Follow participants as they attempt to investigate on their own and find out what is real and what is not.