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In Tenebris S01E04


On the 10th anniversary of her disappearance, Lateesha Nolan’s family have decided to engage a paranormal team to attempt to get answers about her murder. Her murderer now in prison having been captured after a 7 year long manhunt, her body has not yet been found. Two mediums and a small crew travel to the […]

In Tenebris S01E03


This episode delves into the darkness of suicide. How do people who have crossed over by their own hand communicate with investigators? This taboo subject is approached from a paranormal investigator’s perspective, embracing this often uncomfortable and dark topic.

In Tenebris S01E02


Pushing boundaries again, the investigator and the medium, representing two opposite though not opposing sides of the spectrum, put the dreaded Ouija board to the test. With some provocation, assertion and a good dose of curiosity, this episode will make you question whether the stories of this psychic tool being evil are true.

In Tenebris S01E01


Set in the historic village of Coal Creek, Andrea Kaldy, a medium, and Beth Luscombe, a paranormal investigator, travel to Melbourne to meet up with the Australian Paranormal Society. Team medium Lionel uses his traumatic life experiences to connect with spirits that most people would not.