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The Vortex: Legally Dead Coffee Detectives

The Vortex: Legally Dead Coffee Detectives

She can smell coffee brewing. (source: Deadly Grounds Coffee)

March 16, 2016

Diehard coffee lover? Deadly Grounds Coffee combines a passion for the paranormal with the cult of coffee. Varieties include Hell’s Fury, Tropical Terror, and special to spring, Chocolate Scream Egg! Canadian Site / American Site.

Donald E. Miller Jr. was declared dead twenty years ago after he went missing. Donald E. Miller Jr. is very much alive, actually, but a judge turned down his request to be, uh, reinstated as a living person. Apparently there is a federal database of tens of thousands of Americans who have been mistakenly reported as deceased called the “Death Master File”. Oh, and this public file, for some reason, contains lots of personal information on very alive people. (Forbes annoyingly makes you wait a few seconds before taking you to the article, like you’re dead and have allllll day.) [via Forbes]

Ever notice your pet seems to sense things you don’t? Do animals have ESP? What do they know and why won’t they tell me?! [via Live Science]

Aeolian harps are large instruments played by the wind and they create some supernatural-sounding natural music. [via Atlas Obscura]

The Dead Kid Detective Agency is a series of YA novels about a thirteen-year-old girl named October Schwartz who befriends an eclectic group of ghosts, together solving mysteries and cracking a lot of wise. The first three books of the series are now available. [via I Don’t Like Mundays]


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