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Interview: Jackie Dennison the Rescue Medium

Interview: Jackie Dennison the Rescue Medium

Jackie Dennison is a clairvoyant medium, teacher, psychic artist & past life regression therapist, and is the resident medium on the popular TV series Rescue Mediums. She has been consciously working with spirits for twenty years bringing comfort, guidance, and insight to audiences, clients, and students.

vp: How did you first discover your abilities as a medium?

Jackie: My first encounter with a spirit was when I was about eight years old. I was out with a friend when a small white terrier came running to me. I bent down to stroke it and my friend asked me what I was doing. I told her that I was stroking the dog, and she looked at me like I had lost the plot. [ed: For her friend could see no such dog!] A year or so later, I was waiting outside for my aunt to arrive home. A man walked past and asked me what I was doing. When I told him, he said to tell my aunt that George said hello. When she finally arrived, I passed on the message to her. She looked at me puzzled and asked me what he looked like. I described him to her and she visibly paled. She told me that I couldn’t possibly have seen him because he had died two years previously.

vp: Can anyone develop these abilities?

Jackie: Everyone is born with the ability to communicate with spirits. When we start to develop and go to school, those abilities mostly take a back seat as we focus on the tasks that we need to learn to function in this world. These abilities can come to the fore naturally as we get older, or we can re-awaken them through self-development or with guidance from a teacher.

vp: Could you tell us about any recent experiences or encounters that stood out to you as being particularly intense, unique, or maybe unusual?

Jackie: How long have you got? Ha ha.

During a recent paranormal investigation into a possible spirit rescue, I encountered the presence of a very agitated female spirit whose death had been very traumatic. She had been crushed to death in the mid 1800s by a runaway horse and cart. Her loved ones in spirit had been trying to stop her reliving that fateful moment for the last 200 years to no avail. With a combined effort of help from spirit guides and loved ones, we were able to surround her with healing light and eventually get her to go through to spirit. It was very intense and seemed to take forever to deal with.

I love it when clients get in touch with me to confirm something that has been said to them during their reading with me. For example, recently during a reading, I told a lady that the name ‘Merle’ would mean something to her shortly. She didn’t understand it at the time, but then sent me a message to say that she had just been on holiday and the road she was on was called Merle Street. It was a great confirmation for her that her loved one in spirit who had given me the message to pass on to her was around her.

A recent paranormal investigation that we took guests to was held at an old hall dating back to the 1500s. [see photos below.] We had some dramatic and amazing photographic results. Aware that someone was with us in the great hall, we were astounded to see wet footprints side-by-side appear in the middle of the stone flagged floor. There was no way they could have been made by anyone in the room as they were right in the middle of the floor and someone would have had to have been carried to the spot for them to have just appeared. Viewing a whole set of photographs, we were further astounded to see the apparition of a male figure in Tudor-era clothing walking through the room where the footsteps had appeared.

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[source: Jackie Dennison]

vp: Do spirits seek you out to communicate with you, and, if so, can they tell you’re a medium?

Jackie: What an interesting question. Yes, spirits do seek me out, although I rely on my spirit guide to control this for me, otherwise they would be contacting me 24/7. Spirits will be able to tell if someone has a mediumistic ability from the light that shines from them. I call it my psychic antennae.

vp: Recall one of your favourite moments filming Rescue Mediums.

Jackie: Oh my goodness, there are so many favourite moments, especially the cheers; but then I would say that wouldn’t I, ha ha! Having been a spirit rescue medium for the past twenty years or so, I love being able to make a difference, especially through Rescue Mediums. It’s not only the ability to be able to help the home owners, and the spirit or spirits that need rescuing, but also being able to enlighten the viewer which may help them to get in control of their own gifts.

Favourite moments out of 89 episodes is so difficult as every episode is so unique. One of the early episodes that I really loved was Churchill Mansion in Nova Scotia (S1:E13). Every part of that episode was a journey on many different levels. Tragedy, intensity, beauty, laughter and love.

One that really stands out in my mind is one of the first episodes that I did with Alison: Hillsburgh (S4:E1). We had been called in to help a young girl who had been having disturbing encounters with the spirit of a young boy. She was so frightened that she wouldn’t go into her bedroom. Before we went to the house we do premonitions, and I had written on my premonitions: ‘rainbow child’. On meeting the little girl it soon became apparent that she was a rainbow child (a healer) and the little spirit boy that we eventually managed to guide to the light thought that she was his sister. In fact, Edna, our head of research, was able to find a photograph of the little boy with his sister, whose resemblance was uncanny. As we were leaving the house, and filming walking away and waving, a rainbow appeared over the top of the house. It was absolutely perfect and our editors must have been thrilled!

Many thanks to Jackie for sharing her stories. See more of Jackie throughout all seven seasons of Rescue Mediums and learn more from her How-Tos.

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