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The Death Card

The Death Card

November 26, 2015

I’m relatively new to tarot, only having two readings (self-read) done in my lifetime. I’d like to write about the cards as I learn more and hear from you — your interpretations and experiences with these cards specifically, and tarot in general.

Death comes for us all, but Death, the thirteenth Major Arcana card in a traditional tarot deck, is not necessarily as dire a fate as its name and image implies. In fact, this is a rare interpretation among readers. It is far more likely to refer to the end of something—just not your vital signs.

It could mean something is ending: a long term relationship or an unfulfilling job.

It could mean a transition from one stage to another: perhaps you’ve been going through a confusing or depressing time that is about to get better; or you may have been enjoying a period of relaxation and things will soon get hectic.

It could mean a call-to-action: it’s time to make a change in your life and get rid of unwanted burdens or nasty habits.

It could mean you’re about to face something that cannot be changed; powerful forces, perhaps fate, has you headed toward something you’re meant for.

The Death Card means change, and whether this change feels positive or negative, all rewards and trials in life are opportunities for self-improvement. A chance to further your understanding of your self.

What does the Death Card mean to you? Share your stories in the comments.


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  1. The card certainly gets a reaction each & every time! Strikes fear in every recipient, unless that recipient works with Energy somehow. If the recipient can get past the imagery, it gets a little easier to calm them down it seems. Perhaps they need a jolt in some cases, for their own reasons. Angel tarot cards seem to treat it more softly than traditional tarot & seems to make those types of decks more popular. – Sandy Duncan

  2. When I pull the Death card in readings for my clients, I rejoice with them. For me it is not so much a symbol of something ending, as it it a new beginning. I see the death card as one of rebirth and renewal on the horizon. I view this just as with the physical body when it expires, the Soul is free of its Earthly holding and is reborn in its divine light state. So too the death card signifies growth of the Soul. Perhaps the client has just struggled through some of the more difficult lessons of this Earth School and this card is acknowledging the growth or enlightenment the Soul has acquired. The imagery on cards is more for the benefit of the reader to make an association with then it is for the recipient to take warning from. Rejoice with the Death card I say! – Trish Sheridan Psychic Medium