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Unboxing the Wild Wood Tarot

Unboxing the Wild Wood Tarot

January 28, 2016

Okay, right off the bat, this isn’t a true unboxing: I’ve already opened the set once to take a peek inside. I’m relatively new to tarot. I did a couple self-readings and one with my former partner a few years ago. All experiences were helpful and therapeutic, and I think tarot is a unique self-help tool that makes you think about your life, the things that are important to you, and issues that you struggle with in creative ways. Approaching problems from fresh angles can bring insight that anxious worrying, useless cliches, and gossiping cannot. Getting in touch with how you truly feel, spiritually, and meditating with the cards can bring out feelings that you didn’t know you had, because you’re imagining, molding, and remolding a problem or an issue in new ways.

I just purchased The Wild Wood Tarot set (written by Mark Ryan and John Matthews with illustrations by Will Worthington) and wanted to write about my first impressions before I continue on exploring the meanings of the cards (see The Death Card). My writing going forward will be in relation to this set and its unique suits, art, and meanings.

I chose this set because of the art and the motifs of the archetypes—a blend of forest and nature fantasy mythology and pagan spirituality.

The last tarot reading I did for myself was soon after a break-up with my long-term partner with whom I shared a home. I found myself feeling lost; my spirit felt like a large portion of it had been blown to bits. How can I make the pain stop? Therapy, both with a professional, and through self-help methods, helped tremendously (along with the love from my family and friends, and most importantly, from myself.) I’m in a much healthier place now, but one needs not be in crisis to practice and maintain healthy mental states. Taking care of yourself will make you stronger for future trials and help you be content in your day-to-day life.


Cards That Immediately Speak to Me—The Major Arcana


I’m fairly impatient and get frustrated easily, at least for my own standards. Firing away at that damn goat and nothing? I feel it. I wonder how I’ll encounter this card.

Pole Star and Moon on Water

What beauties. Looking up through the trees, seeing and feeling the aura of the universe, and light reflected on water are special feelings for me.


That is one perilous-looking journey.

Blasted Oak

This one just made me laugh. Poor guy was hanging out naked in a tree and was blasted clear off.


The Minor Arcana

Celebration & Hearthfire

I enjoy the merriment and warmth of these two. I’ve had many a celebration by firelight under the stars with good friends.


Creativity is born from the earth.


The morning light (I see it as dawn) on the trees, coming from beyond an edge, feels not eerie but peaceful and suggests an oncoming warmth.


Again, this made me laugh. Rabbit fight!

Which tarot deck do you have? Why did you select it?


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