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The Vortex: Night Dancing Murder Trees

The Vortex: Night Dancing Murder Trees

Get out of the road! (source: Week in Weird)

These things found in walls are not strictly paranormal but they’re certainly not normal (let’s hope not). [via Ranker]

As if “fourteen-year-old Nancy Kerlin married William Bartlett, popped out eleven kids, and then passed away just twenty-three years later at the age of thirty-seven” wasn’t terrifying enough, a famous haunted grave site in the middle of a road apparently has some extra bodies no one knew about in it. [via Week in Weird]

“17 Signs That You’d Qualify as a Witch in 1692”. Are you a woman? You’re well on your way. [via Mental Floss]

From night dancers who eat people to a sacred murder tree: paranormal beliefs from around the globe. [via Warped Speed]

“Most sleep apps will start recording audio the second they hear any kind of movement in the room, that way you’ll know exactly when your sleeping becomes restless. Unfortunately, sometimes the apps also record the sounds of ghosts talking to you in your sleep. After discovering something terrifying on the audio playback, a woman named Jenny turned to the internet for help in figuring out her ghostly problem.” [via Week in Weird]

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