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The Vortex: Dracula’s Italian Death Staycation

The Vortex: Dracula’s Italian Death Staycation

Overkill. (source: The Horror Movies Blog)

April 19, 2016

We’re working hard on some supernatural renovations on the site that will be unveiled in the coming weeks. But I’m back for a bit to take you for a little spin in The Vortex!

You’ve likely seen the new, infamous Stanley Hotel ghost photo that’s been making the rounds. Here’s a news clip featuring a quality depiction of a potential secondary anomaly (what could be a child standing next to a woman?). [via 9 News]

Cemetery symbols: the winged skull, clasping hands, and inverted torch. What do they all mean? [via Atlas Obscura]

Researchers believe they’ve found “Dracula’s” grave in Naples and they just wanna take a little peek inside. [via The Horror Movies Blog]

“5 Clear Signs a Deceased Loved One is Nearby” [via Enlightened Consciousness]

A super cool star chart from 17th Century Amsterdam with mythical creature drawings representing the constellations. [via Atlas Obscura]


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