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Michael’s Blog 4: The Interrogation

Michael’s Blog 4: The Interrogation

Michael Lamport is the co-creator, co-producer, and narrator of Rescue Mediums. He hosts veryparanormal’s new series How Are Your Spirits? where he returns to houses and businesses from Rescue Mediums and finds out how they’re doing with their spirits now.

January 20, 2016

Kentville, Nova Scotia (Rescue Mediums S1:E11)

This was a very interesting episode as it took a path the crew, at least, couldn’t have predicted. Although I am pretty certain that Jackie and Christine knew that something was going to be up Kentville is a lovely small town in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. It was winter when we arrived and still quite a bit of snow was on the ground. The homeowners had reported several disturbances and were eager to see what the Rescue Mediums could do to help. So off we went.

Missing Person

As Jackie and Christine approached the home, they saw a poster in the window. It was a Missing Person poster with the name “Rhonda Wilson” on it.

As the meet and greet went on, and an initial sweep of the home was performed, it became very apparent that Rhonda was the person who was visiting the homeowners and needed attention.

This is when we embarked on our trek beyond the house to see if the Rescue Mediums could find out more about the missing woman. We started with an area map and a pendulum. The pendulum responded to a certain area that the ladies felt compelled to visit.


Before we left, I checked out the area using local newspapers and discovered that it was, indeed, the area that Rhonda had last been seen! However, I could not relay that information to either Jackie or Christine.

We drove up and down roads, walked through wooded areas, looked at vehicles, and much more to try to peel back the layers of the mystery surrounding this missing woman. At the end of the day, we returned to the hotel and Jackie and Christine started to draw pictures of images they had received psychically during the drive around.


The following day, what we call Day Three, I decided to go to the RCMP Police Detachment in New Minas (the area that controls Kentville) and share the information we had gleaned with them. I have found in the past that police services are most often skeptical about psychic impressions and, from their point of view, I suppose rightly so. It is not admissible in court for one thing. But I believe that psychic information can be another tool in the police’s arsenal to help solve crimes. So it was with that thought in mind that I pulled into the parking lot of the New Minas Detachment. I went up to the reception area and told the officer sitting there what I was intending to share and who I was. To my surprise, she indicated that the detective in charge of the Rhonda Wilson case was actually in the Detachment at that moment (he is a roving officer and only in this area of Nova Scotia about once a week). I jumped at the opportunity to speak with him.

Be careful what you wish for! I was ushered into a holding room. One of those small rooms with a desk, two chairs, nothing on the walls, no windows, and a camera monitoring your every move. The kind we have all seen on TV in cop shows. The interrogation room…

The detective came in, shook my hand, and asked what I wanted. In retrospect, I am certain he was keenly observing my body language and all the other things these wonderful people are trained to look out for. I told him about the show, about what the ladies had found, and gave him copies of their drawings. He pondered the drawings. He then asked me a series of questions that basically amounted to things like, “when were you last in this area; did you know Rhonda Wilson; how many times have you been in Kentville; how do you know some of this stuff?”


Boy, oh boy. I became very nervous and I flatly told him that I did not kill Rhonda Wilson. He flatly replied, “Mr. Lamport, the only person that I know for sure did not kill Rhonda Wilson is me.” He then asked for my driver’s license and excused himself from the room.

Now, if any of you have ever sat in a police interrogation room after speaking to a homicide detective and have a camera that you know is recording your every move, you would probably feel like I did. Nervous as hell! Should I sit perfectly still? Should I cross my arms? Should I stretch? Recalling all the scenes of real criminals in these rooms, they put their head in their hands sometimes, they just look guilty. How the heck can you not look guilty, I thought?!

The detective returned. To my relief, instead of handcuffs, he told me that he had checked me out and all was good, and he thanked me for the drawings and the verbal information. To my surprise, he also asked if the Rescue Mediums come up with anything else, he would be very grateful if I could pass it on to him.

I passed along all the notes we took during the rest of the investigation and a copy of the final episode. Somebody has now been charged in her disappearance, and I wonder if the Rescue Mediums aided the outcome? I would love to think they did.

[Editor’s note: read about Rhonda Wilson’s case here.]


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