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Michael’s Blog 2: Who You Gonna Call?

Michael’s Blog 2: Who You Gonna Call?

Michael Lamport is the co-creator, c0-producer, and narrator of  Rescue Mediums. He hosts veryparanormal’s new series How Are Your Spirits? where he returns to houses and businesses from Rescue Mediums and finds out how they’re doing with their spirits now.

Orbs at Michael's

Hi again! In my last entry I wrote about how I met Jackie Dennison and Christine Hamlett from Rescue Mediums. In the future I will share some behind-the-scenes activities that I experienced during the filming. But now I would like to tell you about some of the happenings revolving around Oliver, Jackie’s Great Uncle who built my house in Toronto, and whose spirit still hangs out there!!!

Several years ago, a friend from the UK came to stay in Canada for a few months and asked if it would be okay for her to stay in my spare room. Of course, I said yes. On her student visa, she managed to get a job at a local coffee house. She made some friends and occasionally had late night parties. Didn’t bother me too, too much. Late one summer, my business partner and I went to MIPCOM in the South of France. This is a massive convention that focuses on the TV and Broadcasting industry, and it’s where independent producers, such as ourselves, go to meet broadcasters and distributors to sell our wares.

Early one morning on European time, I received a call on my mobile from my neighbour in Toronto. It must have been 2 or 3 in the morning back home. She was, as the expression goes, beside herself. She told me that my young friend and two other girls were up on the flat part of my roof, blaring music, drinking, and making a great deal of noise. She said they had been doing it for several nights in a row. The only thing I could think of was for her to call the police and make a noise complaint. My neighbour didn’t want to do that as she was worried it might reflect badly on my home, so she suggested I call and ask my friend to stop these early morning parties. I tried, but I just got her message centre.

Later that day, I mentioned the ruckus across the Pond to Jackie, and she asked if I wanted her to try and get in touch with Oliver to see if he could do anything about it. I was not sure what that would mean, but I saw no harm in trying! Turns out it worked much better than calling the cops! Upon my return to Canada, my neighbours explained that, late one night, the three girls had run from the house as fast as their feet could take them. They had left the front door wide open (my kind neighbour shut and locked it for me) with no explanation about their sudden departure.

Open cupboards in the kitchen.
Open cupboards in the kitchen.

Several days later, I caught up with my friend and asked her what had happened. She apologized profusely for partying on the roof. After I accepted her apology, she told me what had happened that night: apparently there were numerous bumps and footfalls heard by all three girls, and the cupboard doors in the kitchen opened and closed. It sounded like something was coming up the stairs to the bedrooms and this something did not appear to be in a good mood. Jackie has always said that Oliver has great pride in his house (as he should) and dislikes anyone taking advantage of it or disrupting it. It looked like he made his presence known to discipline these carefree visitors—and it sure worked!

Next time I’ll write about some of the experiences on the road filming Rescue Mediums. Until then, be nice to your spirits!


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  1. and my gt Uncle Oliver is still looking after Michael, and keeping his eye on visitors to the house. If he doesnt like them, or he thinks they are being disrespectful, boy does he let them know. Cheers Uncle Oliver. Jackie Dennison x