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Interview: Vijay Persaud from The Paranormal Perspective

Interview: Vijay Persaud from The Paranormal Perspective

March 11, 2016

Vijay Persaud has been a personal trainer for over eighteen years and mixed martial artist for twenty-nine years. The thrill of finding what’s out there has driven him to be a paranormal investigator since 1996. He’s the host of The Paranormal Perspective (coming soon), a talk show featuring listeners’ experiences. See below for how you can share your stories.

vp: What was your first experience encountering the paranormal?

Vijay: It was when I was very young in my second home. I was playing with a cousin of mine in the basement. I distinctly remember one of my mom’s statues that was sitting securely on a ledge. While we were playing it somehow seemed to inch its way to the edge. Neither of us were moving it, but it was definitely out of place. I remember like it was yesterday. The statue continued to move to the end of the ledge until it fell to the floor, and the head broke off. My cousin and I were scared so we ran upstairs. After a few moments of panic, we went back down to take a look. Nothing was out of place, aside from the statue on the floor. Fearing I would get blamed for the broken statue, I put it back on the shelf and rested its head atop it, hoping my sister would get blamed instead of me. The crack in the neck was obvious, so I knew it was only a matter of time before we would be caught. Nothing was said about it, and the next night, I went to check it out – and the crack was gone! The head seemed to be normal, not glued on, and there was no seam, like it had never broken at all. My parents never brought it up to my sister or myself, meaning they never knew it broke. I may have been young, but that situation stirred something in me that day.


vp: Recall a powerful moment that occurred on a recent investigation.

Vijay: In December, at a local historical site in Calgary, the group I investigate with, CAPI, were conducting an EVP session in one of the rooms. The standard ‘knock three times’ technique was being used, and this was one of the first times in which we had multiple responses following our questions. It wasn’t a one-off: it actually happened a number of times in direct response to our questions.


vp: Have you ever come across any spirits that seemed to have a sense of humour?

Vijay: During an investigation not too far back at an abandoned school, I was walking around in the basement. While walking, little rocks and pebbles were being throw across the ground from behind me and rolling out in front of my feet. Something was clearly trying to get my attention. It seemed like a little kid who was shy, friendly and funny. When I would try to find them, it would stop. Like they were playing hide and seek.


vp: What is your favourite investigation technique?

Vijay: I like good old fashioned pictures. Sound anomalies are always interesting, but nothing can beat the effect of seeing with your own eyes something in a picture that just blows your mind.


vp: Is there a particular experience you’re seeking or something you hope will happen on a future investigation?

Vijay: Like many, I seek the holy grail of paranormal investigation: a full body apparition. However, not just to see it, but one that has a clear message that is unmistakable.

If you have any of your own personal paranormal experiences you would like to share, please email Vijay at info@paranormalperspective.com. You can also send your request through paranormalperspective.com.


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