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Interview: Mark Dickinson of H.P. Paranormal

Interview: Mark Dickinson of H.P. Paranormal

December 1, 2015

Mark Dickinson is a musician, writer, producer, graphic designer, videographer, website owner, Web Series Host (The Horror Of It All), and avid ghost hunter (head of H.P.Paranormal).

vp: What was your first experience encountering the paranormal?

Mark: That’s a tough one. I’ve always had weird experiences since I was a kid, but probably the defining moment was when my mother passed about 22 years ago. I awoke one morning, the day after returning from touring, to see her sitting in the chair across from my bed. She spoke to me briefly and she told me to do what makes me happy. Life is too short to do what other people want you to do. She said goodbye and then the phone rang. It was my father. He told me that mom had passed away. I replied, “I know.” When I looked back, she was gone…

vp: Recall a powerful moment that occurred on a recent investigation.

Mark: My wife and I had pulled into a parking lot of a former TB hospital that had been abandoned and torn down. While I was setting up, we heard what sounded like someone walking across the lot, dragging something. I shined my flashlight across the parking lot but there was nothing there. The sound kept getting louder and seemed to be getting closer. My wife (who had been scratched at this location before) started yelling at me to get in the car. I barely got in before she tore out of there. The parking lot was completely empty. I really wish I had recorded the moment.

Digital Camera
Digital Camera

vp: Have you ever come across any spirits that seemed to have a sense of humour?

Mark: I’ve ran across a few that had good manners (I sneezed and I captured an EVP that said ‘bless you’) but I don’t recall any with a sense of humour… [editor note: that seems pretty funny to me!]

vp: What is your favourite investigation technique?

Mark: I love to go in solo. Just me, a voice recorder, and a camera.

vp: Is there a particular experience you’re seeking or something you hope will happen on a future investigation?

Mark: I have experienced many strange things, some I’d like to not have happen again; but if anything, I would really like to have a straight-up conversation with someone from the past. Or maybe capture some of the things I’ve seen when there wasn’t a camera around… HA HA HA!

HPP’s investigations are coming soon!

Thanks to Mark for sharing his experiences.


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