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The Red Circle

The Red Circle

(source: daily record)

February 3, 2016

How many hundreds, nay, thousands of paranormal photos have we seen with the supernatural aspect circled in a bold red?

It’s certainly a style choice that draws people in because it’s a familiar hallmark of paranormal images online, as well as for screencap previews for videos. It’s recognizable. On the paranormal entertainment side of things, it makes good sense. It’s a trend within the genre and it gets right to the point. But for the paranormal enthusiasts who are interested in applying professional-level, or at least amateur/apprentice-level, analysis to potential evidence, the circle is in the way in the very least. And doesn’t it more often than not out an image as being faked?


(source: secretsfiles)

Often the part of the image that is in question doesn’t need to be pointed out. This is a silly example, sure, but these are all over the place. Not all paranormal images need to be considered scientifically. They’re for scary entertainment. But isn’t it more frightening without the commentary?

Sometimes an image is complicated and not everybody wants to take ten minutes to intensely scan for the aspect in question. Then why not describe it instead of slashing a red mark over top?


(source: paranormal camera)

The red circle’s presence seems to indicate forgery. The photo has clearly been drawn on; what else has been edited? It hinders your ability to get a good overall impression of the image, especially if you want to seriously consider it. Legitimate photos don’t require it. People interested in studying an untouched photo wouldn’t paint on it. If anything, original images could be presented alongside the circled images, but why bother?

What do you think? Do you prefer your photos circle-free? Is it helpful?



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