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Eyeswideopen: Why didn’t I sense the vortexes in Sedona?

Eyeswideopen: Why didn’t I sense the vortexes in Sedona?

December 3, 2015

Went vortex-hunting in Sedona, Arizona, in November. Hiked to three vortex sites in three days. But I didn’t feel anything other than sore feet and a little foolish.

Maybe people who do feel whatever there is to feel at a vortex site have to expect to feel something? While I work diligently at being open-minded, I did not really expect to feel anything. Is that why I didn’t?

Before I travel, I do my research. Here is what I found about vortexes: Their definition is “…a spiralling motion of air or liquid around a center of rotation.” So the bathwater circling your drain when you pull the plug is a vortex. So is a hurricane. In Sedona, vortexes apparently take the same form, but what spirals is spiritual energy. Obviously you can’t see it. You feel it; if it’s there. Sedona vortexes are said to aid or facilitate meditation, healing, prayer, consciousness, and such like.

We hiked to Bell Rock, one of the several vortex sites sprinkled around this place of unearthly beauty. One trail was partially blocked by a Reiki practitioner ministering to a woman lying full-length across the pathway. Presumably, the healer was using the Bell Rock vortex to aid in her endeavours. We chose not to remain long enough to see if it worked.

If any of you have been to Sedona and hiked to a vortex, it would be interesting to learn what, if anything, you felt or sensed?

I do not feel let down by my attempts at a vortex experience. But it would have been nice to feel a tickle of something if only to catch a frisson of the unknowable.


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