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Paranormal Research & Investigative Studies Miami (2013) from Miami, Florida, is a branch of the PRISM Paranormal Research Team (2003) founded by David Pierce Rodriguez in Omaha, Nebraska. They’re a non-profit, bilingual, research team helping locals with paranormal activity in their homes or places of business. They strive to record and capture as much evidence as possible and hope to prove the existence of the paranormal through their work.


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PRISM – A Dedcade of PRISM
18 min

PRISM: A Decade of PRISM

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PRISM – Deering Estate
3 min

PRISM: Deering Estate

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PRISM – Haunted Hollow
5 min

PRISM: Haunted Hollow

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PRISM – O’Connors Irish Pub
6 min
PRISM – Villa Paula
7 min

PRISM: Villa Paula

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PRISM – Villisca Axe Murder House
12 min
PRISM – Paris Catacombs
11 min