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SWM #7: Roswell – Greg Lawson


We Roswell-come you.

“Greg Lawson is a 10 year military veteran and is a career law enforcement officer who is currently a detective in Central Texas. His expansive and diverse background along with his academics studies leads to his interdisciplinary perspective on education, training, and human interaction. Since 1982, Greg Lawson has served in the United States Army as an Infantry Parachutist, in the United States Navy as an Operations Specialist, and in the United States Air Force as a Security Forces Combat Arms Training and Maintenance Instructor. During this service he received three campaign medals and his deployments include Central America, Europe, Northern Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and two Western Pacific sea deployments. Greg is a lifetime member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW). I read Greg Lawson’s book, Detecting Paranormal, on my way home from the Paranormal Ireland Expedition 2015 & Paracon 2015 sponsored by Dave Schrader from Darkness Radio. You cannot find an easier to read primer for anyone who has an interest in the paranormal. The intent of the book is to prevent those who want to know something about the paranormal from embarrassing themselves with inaccurate observations. This includes the professional working in the field or the amateur exploring the possibilities behind the comfort of their TV remote control. Several well known and nationally reported events reported this year by the mainstream news media are examined.” (Something Weird Media.)

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