Home Videos Series SWM #30: Steve Parsons – Parapsychologist

SWM #30: Steve Parsons – Parapsychologist


“Steve is a unique investigator of ghosts, hauntings and related phenomena whose background, peer recognition, experience, and knowledge separate him from a domain full of pseudo-scientific amateur ghost hunters. He has hunted for ghosts since childhood and has been a full time investigator for more than 20 years. Peers and leading academic parapsychologists currently acknowledge him to be one of the best paranormal investigators in the UK. He has been involved in many areas of psychical research and has developed and pioneered many new methods of investigating ghosts and haunting phenomena and he remains at the forefront of true scientific ghost hunting. His work on infrasound and the paranormal led him to design and build specialist equipment to precisely measure & record location based Infrasound. Using newly applied digital photographic techniques, he was the first person to finally demonstrate and prove that the much debated orb phenomenon has a mundane explanation.” (Something Weird Media.)

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