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SWM #12: Matthew Pauly – MK Ultra Mind Control


You think you’re in control.

“Matthew Pauly is a family man born in Toronto, Canada of American parents, one a professor. After graduating from university in the mid-1980s with a degree in Sociology and Computer Studies, he held positions from programmer to chief scientist and consults to Fortune 500. Matthew is in the fifth year as a volunteer board member of his residents association. Matthew’s decade of non-consensual involvement in MK-ULTRA mind-control tests began November 22, 2005 in Toronto in the back of a 5-ton, armored military van, as a test subject for a “Joint Control, Unified Command 2005” (JC UC 05) training exercise featuring “enhanced interrogation techniques” and torture-trauma-hypnosis mind-control. Matthew believes he has a unique opportunity to make a difference by warning others of the resulting corruption in our democracies.” (Something Weird Media.)

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