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SWM #11: Astrology with Steve Frampton


Predicting crime.

“Presidents, royalty, and law enforcement have sought out psychics and astrologers since time immemorial. Yet, when they hear the word ‘metaphysics’ so many people still envisage gypsies “scrying” with crystal balls. Psychic Medium and Hermetic Astrologer, Steven Frampton, proves that sophisticated metaphysical analysis reveals powerful insight into all areas of life. In his first publication, Frampton unveils incredible evidence through a metaphysical case study of James Holmes and the Aurora, Colorado mass shooting. Astrology can be used to investigate serial killers, corporate fraud, terrorism and many more areas of criminal activity. In murder cases, the name of the killer can often be identified through analysis of the victim’s astrological charts. Frampton demonstrates that the planets of our solar system are undeniably involved in human behavior and world events. He also proves his hypotheses about killers: Sophisticated natal and progressed astrology can be used to 1, Classify individuals into serious crime risk categories 2, Understand the psyche of high risk individuals 3, Provide deep insight into criminal tendencies and events 4, Accurately predict when a high risk individual will commit a serious crime. This revolutionary book proves that metaphysics could play a highly significant role in the prevention of human tragedy. It also demonstrates the astounding accuracy and power of advanced metaphysics. Metaphysical apprentices – get ready to master your trade. Skeptics – prepare to have your delusions shattered!” (Something Weird Media.)

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