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Ghost Cases – Season One

Paranormal investigators, Paul Kimball and Holly Stevens each search for their own personal ghostly experience while investigating haunted locations from around the world.

Ghost Cases follows two paranormal investigators on a journey into the strange and unexplained world of ghosts. Paul Kimball and Holly Stevens are searching for paranormal evidence that will either confirm or change their belief in ghosts.

Paul and Holly are friends but they are at different ends of the belief spectrum Paul is a self proclaimed skeptic while Holly is more open to the possibilities and may unknowingly be a sensitive with undeveloped psychic abilities.

As investigators they will use an assortment of tools to capture evidence. Infrared cameras will be used in their search and each investigator will carry digital recorders that may capture voices from beyond.

It’s not all about the gear in this series – It’s about the experience and each person’s personal search for a connection to the truth. The series reveals how two people with diverse sensibilities toward the hereafter try to make sense of the unexplained occurrences they encounter along the way.



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