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The Vortex: Dreaming Demon Sensations



Are you ticklish? (source: Inuit Myths)

March 9, 2016

The ever-laughing Inuit demon Mahaha could tickle you to death. [via Inuit Myths]

Funeral traditions from around the globe include beads made from compressed ashes, corpses with lit cigarettes in their mouths, and remains reconfigured into habitat for sea creatures. [via ideas.ted.com]

When you lack sleep (good quality REM sleep, specifically) your brain tries to make up for lost time by intensifying your dreams. Alcohol, nicotine, and some medications also repress REM. Scientists still aren’t sure precisely why we need REM, but we do know we require it for healthy brain function. [via Scientific American]

“What’s the significance of sensations during meditation?” Deepak Chopra explains why you might feel tickles, twitches, nodding off, energy, and even headaches. I hope it’s not the tickle demon. That guy needs to get outta town. [via The Chopra Center]

The experience of deathbed visions: what are they and are we more capable of connection to the Other Side when we’re close to death? [via The Epoch Times]


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