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The Vortex: Sinking WWII Vampires

The Vortex: Sinking WWII Vampires

He looks devastated no one wants to kick him out. (source: Snopes)

March 4, 2016

I disagree with the first statement in this article. I think happiness is possible to achieve; you have to realize that happiness does not mean perfectly happy all the time. In the same way that a relationship feeling “perfect” doesn’t mean it’s literally without flaws. It’s relative to the human experience and even necessary imperfection: the ups and downs built into being human. However, this a helpful list of things you can practice to help improve your presence and awareness, even though you’re not going to be perfect with it. [via Expanded Consciousness]

Jackie Dennison, Clairvoyant Medium and Psychic Artist of Rescue Mediums fame, writes about her paranormal experiences visiting Bletchley Park, home to WWII codebreakers who did the believed-to-be impossible: break the Germans’ coded communiques. [via Supernatural Magazine]

“Chilling Scenes from Greece’s Sinking Ghost Town” [via Atlas Obscura]

Is it mathematically impossible for vampires to exist? As a commenter rightly points out, that vampires need not turn a person into one in order to feed is a good point… [via Live Science]

Sorry – as funny as it sounds – Rob Zombie was not kicked out of the Oscars for looking like a drifter. [via Snopes]


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