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The Vortex: Old Timey Haunted Millennials

The Vortex: Old Timey Haunted Millennials

Nope. (source: Cracked)

March 7, 2016

“13 Old Timey Photos That Prove History Was Haunted”. Creeped out from the get-go with those hooded mothers lurking behind their small children, but that ventriloquist’s dummies were even more horrifying in a previous era? How am I supposed to have my lunch time nap now?? [via Cracked]

On the entertainment side of things, here’s a really handy set of tutorials for indie filmmakers about adding ghostly special effects and editing for your next paranormal classic. (Reveals many secrets of tricky ghost videos on YouTube!) [via The Filmmakers Workshop]

Pareidolia is “the imagined perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist” and we start doing it as soon as we can see. It’s natural for humans to recognize faces in abstract patterns and forms. Oh, brains, you’re always trying to make sense. [via BBC News]

All about EVPs: history, how they work, and best practices. [via HowStuffWorks]

Cry of the Millennial Witch. In our pursuit for happiness through spiritual fulfillment, have we forgotten the value of feeling pain? [via Ora North]


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