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The Vortex: Mothra’s UFO Sighting Ritual

The Vortex: Mothra’s UFO Sighting Ritual

(source: Psychic Punx)

February 26, 2016

Do you use the KII meter in your investigations? Perhaps you’d like to, or maybe you can utilize it even better. Dan McMath discusses the pros and cons, and why it’s not a stand-alone device. [via Ghosts of Oz]

Time shares 10 Mysterious ‘UFO Sighting’ Photos From History, er, well, from the 50s and 60s, anyway. AKA The Golden Age of Wait What Am I Even Looking At Are Those Water Droplets or Flying Hats? style of photography. [via Time]

Gamemaker and writer Kaitlin Tremblay champions Mothra, Queen of the Kaiju, as a strong, cunning, and completely badass female in a man-monster’s world. [via Harlot]

Love spells typically focus on capturing the heart of another. But here’s a ritual for self-love. (No, not like that. Well, maybe like that. You do you. Okay, I’ll stop.) [via Wiccan Spells]

We all have love and energy inside us that science’s limited tools and religion’s narrow doctrine can neither measure nor dictate. And it’s okay if you don’t agree. Mediums have their own set of beliefs and sensitivities that you may not understand or feel yourself. The Psychic Punx just want you to stop being dicks about it, okay? [via Psychic Punx]


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