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The Vortex: Love Ghosts

The Vortex: Love Ghosts

(source: Uncle Frank Productions)

February 12, 2016

In love with horror? Adorably scary Valentine’s Day Cards by Uncle Frank Productions. [via Bloody Disgusting]

Over sixteen thousand people perished in the 2011 Japan tsunami. And there is an abnormal number of cab drivers reporting that ghosts are trying to catch a ride in the area that was hardest hit. [via Blumhouse]

We’re seeing a resurgence of people who believe in the paranormal. Trends tend to differ internationally about ghosts and spirits and one’s spirituality, but it’s difficult to pinpoint why. It seems to be a mix of culture, psychology, and, as with all beliefs, the deeply personal. [via The Atlantic]

Examine these “12 Terrifying Paranormal Pictures That Will Make You Believe In The Afterlife”! I’m not sure about that cowboy one, though. Doesn’t it seem like his buddy is just squatting in the field back there? [via Occult Museum]

Unexplained phenomena can have many potential explanations, and there is certainly a lot more to learn about the human brain. Hallucinations are a very real explanation for some unexplained experiences and certainly one that should be ruled out for one’s safety. [via Scientific American]

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