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The Vortex: January 19, 2016

The Vortex: January 19, 2016

(source: Charles Fréger, Courtesy Yossi Milo Gallery, New York)

The paranormal and new age stories that were pulled into our realm this week.

Photos of men donning pagan ritualistic costumes taken by Charles Fréger as he journeyed through 19 European nations. [via The Huffington Post]

The hanging coffins of Sagada, Philippines: “The elderly feared being buried in the ground. When they died, they did not want to be buried because they knew water would eventually seep into the soil and they would quickly rot. They wanted a place where their corpse would be safe.” [via Rough Guides]

Jackie Dennison (Rescue Mediums) tells a story about her stay in a haunted hotel room – or was it much more than that? [via Supernatural Magazine]

Oxenfree: a highly-anticipated paranormal game is “a creepy, beautiful teen horror”. [via Kotaku Australia]

See it to believe it? Reverend Joey Talley says she cures computers of viruses using witchcraft. [via Vice News]


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