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The Vortex: Greatest Post-Mortem Hits

The Vortex: Greatest Post-Mortem Hits

Rock on and on and on and on. (source: Noisey)

March 24, 2016

Kids are pretty imaginative and have flimsy filters for the things they say. Sometimes they’re so imaginative it’s creepy. At least, let’s hope this stuff is made up. [via Buzzfeed]

Can a dog be your best friend on an investigation? [via Hubpages]

You can get your ashes pressed into vinyl and record a message or music for loved ones. Or enemies… [via Noisey]

“Funeral Home Workers Describe the Creepiest Thing They’ve Witnessed on the Job” Natural processes in our decaying bodies create some terrifying situations. [via The Horror Movies Blog]

Ending on a lighter tone: colouring! You’ve likely seen the popular adult colouring books lining bookstore windows. They’re not only trendy but a great way to relax and exercise your creativity in a soothing way. [via EWAO]


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