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Rescue Mediums’ Resurrection?

Rescue Mediums’ Resurrection?

michael-portraiteAs one of the producers of Rescue Mediums I am often asked by fans of the show and the homeowner’s themselves, is there any additional footage of what was going on inside the home or business? The answer to that is absolutely yes!

Because the series was made for cable television broadcast, we have a maximum of 23 ½ minutes per show. That is the magic number for a half-hour television series. The balance of the time is taken up with commercials.

Jackie and Alison and Christine uncover MANY things as they show trapped Spirits into the light. But, because of the time limitations, as a producer (with the broadcasters input) we select which stories we can follow in such a limited time.


If we were able to create the show for this web-based channel veryparanormal.com these limitations would not be in place at all. For example, the shows could be an hour long or longer…or they could be three episodes in the same house.

We spend four intense days filming and doing historical research, so you can imagine that we often have many hours of footage of the hauntings that don’t make it to the television broadcast model. Because Rescue Mediums is real, not acted — the homeowners are real, the mediums are real – as a producer I would love to do future episodes that are created outside of the tv broadcast model. Showing things in even more depth than we already do.


Another thing we have to look at, as producers, is the funding model. I hate talking about this aspect of production, but, like any series, it costs money to make Rescue Mediums. Camera people, sound technicians, editors, production assistants, research, directors, travel, meals, music and so much more. For television, we also have to pay for backroom services such as insurance, lawyers and accountants. But, for direct to veryparanormal.com these backroom budgets would be greatly diminished.


So how do we make a funding model that finances new Rescue Mediums episodes that are seen on veryparanomal? In most places we film, we are able to apply for a film and television tax credit and this is now applicable for non-linear broadcasters. We could also search out suitable sponsors that could contribute to the budget. We might also look at some sort of Crowdfunding model…for example, seeing if fans of the series would be prepared to pitch in ten or twenty dollars to get brand new, exciting episodes. There are many possibilities.

? Rescue Mediums’ Resurrection?
How much would you be willing to contribute to producing new Rescue Mediums series?
$1044 votes ( 35% )
$20 or more75 votes ( 60% )
Not Interested7 votes ( 6% )

Thank you for watching the show and let’s hope we can bring new episodes in the VERY near future!


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  1. I really hope you are able to make new episodes !! I love the way you help spirits that are trapped, I love the humour you add to every episode and I always learn a little history. It is so cool that most of the places you film are close to where I live. I love Jackie, Allison and Christine !

    1. me too! I agree. I love your presentation and the emphasis on helping spirits crossover. Keep up the good work! Thank you for meeting the needs of those of us intuned to whatever it is.