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Interview: Sandy Duncan, Psychic Medium

Interview: Sandy Duncan, Psychic Medium

December 28, 2015

Sandy Duncan is an Intuitive Psychic Medium. Her passion is to give a voice to those who have crossed over by connecting them to their loved ones so that everyone on both sides of The Veil can heal and move forward in love. She has several tutorials in the How-To section.

vp: How did you first discover your abilities as a medium?

Sandy: As a child, I could see the spirits of family and friends, especially when my parents would come home from a funeral. They didn’t always want to hear that my Granddad was standing on the steps hours after burying him, but I thought it was normal.

vp: Can anyone develop these abilities?

Sandy: For sure! The desire to connect is what separates people; the ability to connect is already there.

vp: Could you tell us about any recent experiences or encounters that stood out to you as being particularly intense, unique, or maybe unusual?

Sandy: Recently I was asked to participate in a burial of ashes followed by a house clearing on the same property. During the first house clearing at the same property two years ago, Gramma’s ashes were discovered in the basement, and her ashes were finally being laid to rest. As family and friends gathered for the ceremony, I opened up to the guidance of Archangel Michael and Spirit for all of the words, logistics, etc. Gramma instructed that I was to hold her box of ashes, stand with each person there, and have them place their hands on the sides of the box. Then, I was to give a validating message from her. I did as she asked, and one by one, each message was given. We could all feel her there. Tears flowed at her accuracy and wisdom as she spoke through me to those she loved. She told me to turn around and place her ashes in the burial spot. As I reached down, careful not to drop the box, the music playing skipped to the 1940s hit by Vera Lynn, “We’ll Meet Again”. So we heard, “We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when, but I know we’ll meet again some sunny day…” Very humbling. During the house clearing that happened immediately afterward, one spirit went to the light; others just wanted to be heard and stay on the property as protection.

vp: Do spirits seek you out to communicate with you, and, if so, can they tell you’re a medium?

Sandy: Yes, and I think yes, but you’d have to ask them! Spirit always communicates with all of us. Whether it’s by dream, song, or feeling, the communication never stops. Spirits not at rest will seek out mediums to help them, or their families, to find peace.

vp: Do dreams factor into your psychic abilities. If so, how?

Sandy: Yes. I’ve had reoccurring dreams that came true. The longest was 2 years. Endlessly fascinating!

Nearly twenty years ago, I had a reoccurring dream. At the time I was working as a legal secretary for a big downtown Toronto firm. Each day I’d ride the GO Train from Oakville to Toronto. The GO Train was the background setting of my dream. Bookcases replaced seats, each dark wood shelf crammed with books spilling out. I remember knowing that I had to read them all and feeling overwhelmed at the thought of it. This library on wheels had many levels and I’d run up and down, stacking heavy books in my arms as I ran. My Granddad, who passed when I was twelve, was in the dream encouraging me to study and saying all would be well. There was an older lady in the background who was unknown to me. She didn’t speak but kindly looked on. I had this dream over and over again for nearly eighteen months.

A couple of years later, I was studying to become a Law Clerk at night school, while still riding the train downtown during the day. I had a hockey bag full of books with me for school one evening. The only seat on the train that morning was on the 2nd level, crammed between commuters who gave me nasty glances as my bag may have brushed against their shins while I found my seat. In the middle of the chaotic noise, a fellow passenger started talking to me. She asked what I was studying and was so kind and encouraging with all she said as the train lumbered its way downtown. She told me not to give up (a thought that had occurred to me more than once) and that I would do really well. With mercy, me and my books finally got off the train onto the crowded platform. I waited to thank her as she’d been right behind me on the stairs. She was no where to be found. There was only one way for her to leave the train, so I couldn’t have missed her. Slowly walking away, I remembered how much she looked like the silent woman from my dream! I thanked her in my mind and heart knowing that I had just had a very special visit. From a guardian angel? Maybe. She was so vivid that I can still picture her clearly all these years later.

Thank-you for sharing your experiences with us, Sandy.


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