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Interview: Sadie Forth of Indico Paranormal

Interview: Sadie Forth of Indico Paranormal

November 25, 2015

Sadie Forth started actively investigating paranormal phenomena “properly” in 2013 with a local group. She founded Indico Paranormal later that year when her passion to understand her past ghostly experiences and a desire to help others caught fire.

vp: What was your first experience encountering the paranormal?

Sadie: My very first experiences always left me doubting and questioning what I had witnessed, shrugging it all off as spooky but not really anything paranormal. However, it all changed years later when I saw a tall, dark figure looming at the end of my bed during the small hours of the night. He appeared on three separate nights spaced over a couple of months, each time, closer, more vivid and terrifying to the point of physically attacking me and leaving the room icy cold where you could see breath. My partner also saw the apparition and we both thought it was a real intruder. It was terrifying. It really shook us up. Other inexplicable things had also happened within the home in previous years. These included my young children having a fright together seeing something which made them both cry; this happened a couple of years before myself and my partner saw the terrifying, full-bodied, dark apparition. I’ll never forget it!

vp: Recall a powerful moment that occurred on a recent investigation.

Sadie: We were documenting on location at the Annison Funeral Parlour in Hull, UK. I was with a small group of people in a room which contained a coffin which was used for fatal road casualty victims. It had been used only months before and was homed at the funeral parlor. We decided to take turns lying inside. I filmed two guys having some strange experiences in the coffin before I took my turn, and I left my camera in the hands of my colleague to film. While I was inside, I remember everyone’s voices going quiet, as though a volume switch had been turned down inside my head. Just before this, I had tried contacting spirit in my mind and asked them to come and let me feel their pain. Next thing I knew, I heard scratching to the right side of my head on the inside of the coffin. It’s as though it woke me up, and the next thing I remember I was screaming out and feeling agonizing pain across my pelvis. I couldn’t move. It was so painful I had to be physically lifted out of the coffin. The camera wasn’t recording, so we didn’t get it on film! I was so disappointed, as it was one of my most horrific physical experiences with the paranormal to date. It was as though I had gone into a trance. I didn’t feel like myself afterwards. I felt as though I was losing blood and having a haemorrhage. We left the area about thirty minutes afterward, as I couldn’t continue on with the investigation properly. I tried continuing with the filming, and you can see I wasn’t right on the footage. I needed to check for real that I wasn’t bleeding and, thankfully, upon inspection, I wasn’t. This was very powerful to me because whatever came to me was using my existing medical problems to show me they could indeed allow their pain to be inflicted upon us if we provoke and allow it. I use the term provoke in the nicest possible way.


vp: Have you ever come across any spirits that seemed to have a sense of humour?

Sadie: Yes quite often. Usually when using my PSB11 spirit box and the fascinating Echovox. I have had spirit say my name multiple times at different investigation locations. I have heard them laugh, say they love us, call me names such as ‘witch’ and other things that I’d rather not repeat. Spirits also recently asked us the question – Are you scared of me? – during a PSB11 session while filming at the Leeds Asylum, UK. On another recent investigation, the Echovox picked up the voice of what sounded like Elvis Presley! He spoke his full name and added the word “jealous” while communicating, yet he seemed very happy and joking.


vp: What is your favourite investigation technique?

Sadie: I love doing all sorts of communication techniques, especially the ‘Philips’ technique of table tipping. I find this absolutely fascinating and a fun way of communicating. I like to use a Ouija board for worded interaction. But my favourite methods for credible validation are the PSB11 Spirit Box and The Echovox. I find these the most credible way of communicating with spirit as they can use these devices to speak their voice out loud and live. I have had some very intelligent and gobsmacking results come through these devices which never fail to astonish me. It’s always during the analysis of the investigation when I find the most fascinating and sometimes very frightening responses that we didn’t hear or interpret correctly during filming. I plan on hopefully getting more visual devices in the future such as a thermal imaging camera and some stickman software to help us see the spirits/entities we are investigating. I know they will probably be up there on my device favourites list!

Past Invest Locations

vp: Is there a particular experience you’re seeking or something you hope will happen on a future investigation?

Sadie: Oh yes. I am looking for answers to my private personal encounters I have had with the paranormal over the years. I would like to know why multiple ghostly beings have appeared to me, why they choose to appear when they do, why they exist, and what is their mission. I like to think outside of the box when it comes to conventional paranormal research. I feel we are co-existing and occasionally crossing into other invisible parallel dimensions. I believe everything is energy and is spinning and living in a time warp. These time warps are all running at very different speeds and on occasion they clash, hence the sightings of ghosts and many other paranormal phenomena! As for intelligent communicative ghosts, I would like to know how they can see and interact with us, but we cannot always see them. My eyes can sometimes see the noise other people’s cannot. By noise, I mean the particles that are captured on cameras that we humans can visually see and curdle the as ‘noise’. The noise you can see on the TV when nothing is tuned in. As a wild card, I’d say the frequencies of the noise left over from the Big Bang…

My goal is to document my paranormal journey and help other people validate their experiences and try and come up with some plausible answers and more evidence that we indeed do co-exist among things we could never imagine in our reality as we perceive it today.

Indico’s investigations are coming soon.

Many thanks to Sadie for her amazing stories and personal history with the paranormal and spirit.

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