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Interview: John Lewin of Spirit Knights Paranormal Investigators

Interview: John Lewin of Spirit Knights Paranormal Investigators

December 17, 2015

John Lewin and his wife Josie are the co-founders of Spirit Knights Paranormal Investigators in the UK. They specialize in spirit rescue as spiritual healers and teachers.

vp: What was your first experience encountering the paranormal?

John: Josie’s home life was not great as a child; she used to hide in a downstairs cupboard. One time she was hiding behind a vacuum cleaner, when she saw a hand reaching out to her: it was a beautiful, glowing hand. Not until later years did she realize it was a guardian angel watching over her. Since Josie’s spiritual development, she has a greater understanding of these matters. When she was that tiny, scared girl in hiding, she thought it was a fairy.


vp: Recall a powerful moment that occurred on a recent investigation.

John: On an investigation at an Elizabethan house, we worked with a number of guests. One guest, Kathy, was affected by spirit and we had to conduct a clearance of her energies. Fortunately, we were able to capture most of this event on film. It is an extremely powerful film which we are pleased to say is due to appear on veryparanormal very soon.

SKPI mist

vp: Have you ever come across any spirits that seemed to have a sense of humour?

John: Yes, on many occasions. One time we were on location at an old railway, and a spirit had Josie in a fit of laughter. His name was Bertie, and he was looking over Josie’s shoulder at some photographs we had taken. Another time, we were due to go on a business trip some 50 miles away on a hot summer’s day. I had packed our equipment in the car and included two chocolate bars for a snack. When we got in the car, we could only find one bar. I searched outside the car, in case it had fallen out, but found nothing. We went on our trip, spent two hours in a meeting, and returned home (sharing the one chocolate bar). When we arrived home, Josie got out of the car, and, to our amazement, there was the chocolate bar, on her seat, undamaged and not even melted. The temperature that day was in the mid-80s, and we had been out almost five hours!


vp: What is your favourite investigation technique?

John: Working with people and helping them to connect with spirit. As a teaching group, we find the best tools of the trade are our guests or clients. We do not favour using electronics—for people to experience spirit contact is the best technique anyone can offer.


vp: Is there a particular experience you’re seeking or something you hope will happen on a future investigation?

John: We would love to investigate an asylum and connect with former patients. Our objective would be to help move any souls over who are in need of help. To record a voice saying thank-you would be incredible, as would a photograph of a full-bodied apparition.


SKPI’s investigations are coming soon.

My thanks to John for sharing his and Josie’s experiences.


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