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Haunting LIVE! Thunder Bay

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Haunting LIVE! Thunder Bay OGPS Filming investigates the Prince Arthur Hotel.

HauntingLIVE! @ THEMUSEUM in Kitchener

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HauntingLIVE! did a live podcast from the Historical Building that is in the heart of downtown Kitchener, Ontario. This location once stood as the former Goudies …

Ghost Cases: Best of Ghost Cases (eps. 13)

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The series wraps up with a recap of the best evidence that we’ve compiled along the way.

Ghost Cases: Liscombe Private Residence (eps. 12)

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Holly and Paul investigate the private residence of a family that believes they share their home with the spirits of the original owners.

Ghost Cases: The Waverly Inn (eps. 11)

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The Waverly Inn is a proud and historic Inn located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Some guests have reportedly sensed the ghost of Oscar Wilde who visited in the late 1800’s.

Rescue Mediums’ Resurrection?

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As one of the producers of Rescue Mediums I am often asked by fans of the show and the homeowner’s themselves, is there any additional footage of what was going on inside the home or business? The answer to that is absolutely yes! Because the series was made for cable television broadcast, we have a […]

Ghost Cases: Churchill Mansion (eps. 10)

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Paul and Holly investigate the quintessential haunted mansion; it’s a century old private Inn that may still possess the spirit of its influential owner and his troubled niece.

Ghost Cases: Bridestones Radio Station (eps. 9)

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Paul and Holly investigate a popular and potentially haunted Manchester radio station and then spend the evening at a 10,000 year old burial site near Congleton, England where a ghostly Druid monk has been reportedly seen.

Ghost Cases: Lion & Swan Historic Inn (eps. 8)

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Paul and Holly visit a historic Inn while staying in Congleton, England. The ghost of a past owner may still haunt the cellar of the centuries old site.

Ghost Cases: Shocklach Village (eps. 7)

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Paul and Holly investigate a 12th century property near the historic village of Shocklach, England. Reports from this location include time portals, full bodied apparitions, light and sound anomalies.

Ghost Cases: White Hart Hotel (eps. 6)

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Paul and Holly join a group of investigators from the UK. The White Hart Hotel is reported to be haunted by demonic activity while others have reported seeing the ghost of a playful little boy.

Ghost Cases: Louisbourg Fortress (eps. 5)

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Paul and Holly investigate a historic French fortress that witnessed two of the largest land and sea battles in North America. The fort may be haunted by the ghosts of its former inhabitants
25 min.

Ghost Cases: Five Fishermen Restaurant (eps. 4)

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Have you ever eaten with the dead? Paul and Holly investigate a restaurant which may be haunted by the ghosts of a former funeral home. The location has an impressive history with ties to the popular Titanic and Halifax Explosion stories.

Ghost Cases: Algonquin Resort (eps. 3)

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Paul and Holly investigate the Fairmont Algonquin Resort to try and contact the ghost of a jilted bride in room 473.
25 min

Ghost Cases: McCall Farm (eps. 2)

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Paul and Holly investigate reports of paranormal activity at a private residence in Quinan, Nova Scotia where the home owners now fear living in their own house.
Ghost Cases-eps1
25 min

Ghost Cases: St. Andrew Jail (eps. 1)

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Paul and Holly visit one of the oldest courthouses and jails in North America as they investigate reports of a hooded specter and the possible spirit of an executed RAF Serviceman at the location.
Tarot Readings – US Election
3 min

Tarot Reading: US Election 2016 Prediction

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Michael Lamport (Rescue Mediums) reads a simple tarot spread to predict the US Election outcome in 2016.

Promo Video: Battleground Hotel Museum – Niagara Falls, Ontario

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The OGPS team place trigger objects and use other devices to see if they can detect any ghostly energy in the old building in Niagara Falls.

Promo Video: Willoughby Historical Museum Part 2 – Usser Creek Murder – Niagara Falls, Ontario

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Here, the OGPS team investigate a murder from many years ago to see if they can find any residual energy.

Promo Video: Willoughby Historical Museum Part 1 – Niagara Falls, Ontario

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In this promotional video, OGPS Paranormal team interview a museum employee who may have seen the ghost of a young boy on the property.